A Life-Changing Encounter

Sri Naraeyana travelled far and wide to provide for his family. It was on one such work-related trip to a town along the border of Karnataka, that he had an encounter that would forever change the course of his life.

Sri Naraeyana was making his way back home from Mogali Venkatagiri Valley when he found himself stuck in a terrible rainstorm. In the distance, he saw a candle flickering at the entrance to a cave, and rushed to seek cover there.

In the cave was a yogi, sitting in a state of deep meditation. His face shone with the radiance of the enlightened and at his feet were the markers of his asceticism – the traditional water pot, a danda or staff, and the skin of a black antelope.

Given his pious and religious nature, the sight of the yogi filled Sri Naraeyana’s heart with joy.

On completing his meditation, the yogi, who Sri Naraeyana determined to be an outsider or pardeshi, smiled and asked him what it was he wanted: the material wealth of the world or the wealth of knowledge; success in the material world or freedom from it.

Sri Naraeyana confessed that he had little knowledge about the meta-physical, but knew beyond a shadow of doubt that he was an ardent and devoted servant of Sri Amara Naraeyana (Lord Vishnu). Thus began an enlightening sermon by the Pardeshi Swami, a sermon that would go on to shape the beliefs and values of Sri Naraeyana.

The Revered Gift Of Knowledge

The Pardeshi Swami told Sri Naraeyana that he had the blessings of the Sadguru and that, in the near future, the Parabrahma Himself would come in the form of a Guru and give him the upadesham.

The enlightened sage also told him that on following the directives of the Lord, he would achieve siddhi. This would be evident when, on touching a pebble, it turned into a cube of sugar candy.

The Pardeshi Swami also revealed to Sri Naraeyana that he had been born to help others. His path to salvation, therefore, should be one that ensures the redemption and upliftment of those around him as well.

The entire night was spent in religious and spiritual discourse, and when dawn broke, Sri Naraeyana woke up to find the Pardeshi Swami missing. Sending up a prayer of gratitude for the divine experience, Sri Naraeyana started to make his way home.